In a sense, running a marathon is like winning a Nobel prize. After someone gets the phone call from Sweden, who can doubt that the honored recipient –henceforward referred to as “the Noble Prize winner in such and such category”– is a very intelligent person?after all, we were in the Magic Kingdom.

Likewise, whoever runs a marathon –26.2 miles– is set apart as someone a big cut above the ordinary. You need character and stamina and, over strong muscles, a sturdy will and determination are key to running the distance.

I attended my second marathon this weekend  (disclaimer: as a cheering party, not a runner) and stood in awe. Many wore goofy outfits (we were in the Magic Kingdom, after all); some had the fit “marathony look”, as I call it; old people ran; really overweight people too…

A person did it on prosthetic legs, another juggled pins while running. The gregarious did it very socially and the self-absorbed took selfies.

The perfect example of biodiversity.

What am I waiting for to start running? Let’s leave it at “Hail to all who made it to the finish line!”

imageCheering dad & daughter see mom approach the finish line.