“Who are you?” said the Caterpillar to Alice in Wonderland, and caught her unprepared for  such a question.

Had he asked me, I would have immediately sat down, poured myself some coffee (if available) and answered: “I am someone fascinated by the world and time I was born into, so I write about it and take pictures with my iPad mini”.

Then I would have spent hours showing the Caterpillar my photos, such as the one below, and come up with obscure references and quotes related –most of the time– to the subject being discussed.

Those friends and family –and even acquaintances and innocent passersby– who have been victims of my picture showing sessions know that the hypothetical encounter would probably have ended with the Caterpillar begging:

“Please forget I even asked!”

who am I

Selfie taken in front of a cristal door behind which some metalwork is also reflected, plus some color photoshopped in just for fun.