“Emotional Incontinence” and My PD

From Gil Thelen’s great blog…


My “Parkie Pal”  Laura Crawford unloads great phrases that snap me to attention. I often borrow them with pleasure and her permission.

Take the one on PD being a “pesky tenant.” Writes Laura: “My uncle Rodrigo (who  has PD)  was the first family member I called the day I was diagnosed. I was very scared because I had just goggled the chart and the word dementia at the 5th level had terrified me. But my uncle advised me to consider PD as a pesky tenant living in my body. A horrible nuisance, yes. But no longer that monster I had imagined.”

Another Lauraism: Emotional Incontinence. Technically, EI appears to mean uncontrollable crying in PD or a Parkinson-like disease. I experience EI differently.

Case in point was last weekend’s 60th reunion of my high school class at the Milwaukee Day School (now part of the University School of Milwaukee.)

It was a pleasantly…

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