The chance encounter of my poem with an Andalusian singer living in Finland.

I remember the description of surrealism that I was taught in high school: the improbable juxtaposition of alien realities, “as beautiful as the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table.”

Many decades later, I can provide my own definition: A poem I wrote sung in the Andalusian style by a Spanish woman living in Finland, who found me by LinkedIn because she thought I loved the telecommunications business. More improbable still, this audio happened just after 20 minutes of that chance digital encounter.

The poem is first sung in Spanish and then in English:

Mi mano sobre la pluma, 
bajo la pluma el papel,
y sobre el papel la tinta
como tu mano en mi piel.

I hold the pen very lightly, 
blank paper under its nib,
and the ink flows out very smoothly, 
like your hand over my skin.

Cinta Hermo is a beautiful woman. I know, even if I have never met her in person. Dear reader, please visit Cinta’s site and delight in her art.


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