Extraordinary Hair Gallery

Taking pictures for this Extraordinary Hair Gallery is not as easy as it seems. Not at all. The subjects that attract my eye because of their profile and unusual hair are usually working, walking, talking to friends, buying ice cream, or such things that people do who with their lives.

So to bring these pics to you across the digital space I walk to that total stranger; put on a face that tries to convey that I am not a truant, a pervert or crazy (which is true); tell him or her that I love their hair (also true) and that I would like to take a picture for my blog. To date they have all agreed.

Finally I ask them to stand against a suitable background and take the pic. I have to be quick, which I hate, because I am not a sports photographer, just an amateur.

So even if you don’t like these pictures, dear reader, you have to admit that they are a nifty display of social engineering.