Latest trend in burial attire

We have no say as to the when, where and how we are brought into the world, but we have umpteenth choices regarding the way we exit. This post brings an eco-friendly trend to your attention.

If you are the type who separates the garbage; puts up with the extra cost of buying organic foods; avoids plastic, styrofoam and other materials that will not only persist over a million years in the environment but also choke the animals who ingest them; you will love Jae Rhim Lee’s burial suit, It is both an eco-friendly and very fashionable alternative to cremation and casket burial.

This customized suit is made of a mix of proprietary materials and fungal threads that fruit into mushrooms after you are buried. The biomix absorbs and eliminates toxins that are emitted from the body into the soil and aids in decomposition.

I saw it displayed at the Hewitt-Cooper Museum of Design last week in New York, and must not come cheap. Then again, Washington just became the first US state to approve composting as an alternative to burying or cremating human remains. The law will be effective May 1, 2020. So if you ever wanted to flow posthumously into, let’s say, a plum, that might just be the way to go.